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CAP’VEA provides you with services on provided you accept the various rules set out below. The defined rules constitute these Terms of Use. Using the site services means that you agree to these terms and conditions.


Our online services can evolve, change or be deleted at any time. By using these services, you accept the functionality present in the state of development where it is located. CAP’VEA shall not be liable for deletions, modifications to current and future functionality or data associated with the Internet on our Site.


The use of the website and online services requires a tool that is connected to the Internet. Hardware and connection costs cannot be charged to CAP'VEA in any way. CAP’VEA may be required to create or modify services, which will also meet the terms and conditions of use of the site.


For the use of all online services, you must register.You commit to inserting accurate information as well as maintaining it in case of a change in your profile.


Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms, users of the Internet site have the right of access (section 34 and following), the deletion or modification of personal information about themselves (section 36 and following).They can exercise this right by contacting CAP'VEA by e-mail ( or by mail to CAP'VEA



                       Avenue du tour de Loyre-19360 MALEMORT-FRANCE


During the registration process, you are prompted to define an identifier and a security password.These two elements are the link to your personal data on the site.You agree to contact CAP'VEA (Phone: +33 5 33 06 99 76) for any discrepancies, lost password or misuse of a third party in order to have the password deleted.CAP'VEA shall not be liable for any damage caused by the non-application of this paragraph.


You may have access to certain information related to your account by providing us with your client account number and company name while you register.During the use of the site functionality related to client account information, you commit to being part of the company or corporation holding the client account.Access zones without registration allow viewing and viewing of some of the site’s content and meet the appropriate site use conditions.



As a user, you agree to:

- Use, exploit or disseminate the information and scripts contained on the site only with the explicit agreement of CAP'VEA,

- Do not send during registration forms or under the “Contact Us” heading vulgar, racist, pornographic or invasion of the privacy of a third party (legal or physical person).



Please be advised that CAP'VEA or a third party designated by CAP'VEA will be able to view the information stored on our servers in the event of non-compliance with existing legislation in order to protect the rights and interests of each individual.


You acknowledge the right of CAP’VEA to modify or delete any information that is inconsistent with the proper use of the Site and compliance with these Terms of Use and to terminate an individual’s registration.

CAP’VEA shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may result from the use of the Site, including downloading information.


CAP’VEA does not guarantee the accuracy or the reality of 3D drawings, symbols and models. All data published on are based solely on source data.



CAP’VEA shall not be considered responsible for the content of the sites to which a link or communication has been made.We commit ourselves when this link or communication is made to ensuring that the target site responds to the right mores on the day of its establishment.


CAP’VEA is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provide online.We would like to thank you for reading the following charter to learn about the use of the personal information you share when you benefit from our many offers.You should also be aware that some of the products or services mentioned in this charter may not be available to date on the CAP'VEA site.


This site is hosted on the servers of the company OVH, whose head office is located: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France



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