who are we?

Cape Veacompany innovative propose you a range of products base latex to meet your needs of temporary protection for all typify of piping, furniture and material..

Our site allows you to realize all your online purchases for our products catalog.

Our inventions are devices intended to protect all type of piping during operation of transport, storage and repair and intended to protect to protect all the angles of material of the shocks and the blows which can occur during manipulation of transport and packaging and use.


The device(plan) according to the invention allows to remedy the inconveniences known for protection of the pipings, it offers due to its elasticity a perfect adhesion and thus a waterproofness to all typify of pipes(tips) or tubes including of conical or spherical shape, thread, and streaked, he also allows to offer a comfort of use and installation for his user who due to the elasticity of the latex can adapt the same diameter of hood to a range of diameter and important shape.




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